Customize PowerPoint settings for the way you work

Options for More Efficient Work
Using the Tools/Options menu, you can customize settings to create a more efficient work environment. Often people just leave the default settings, but there are a few changes you may want to modify if you intend to use PowerPoint on a regular basis.

Set Up Your SlideShow
Using the Slide Show/Set Up Show menu, you can choose to run your presentation full screen, with individual controls – if you are sending the show to someone else or as a self-running presentation.

Customize Your Toolbars
Using the Tools/Customize menu, you can add useful buttons to your PowerPoint workspace.
See our special tip on adding frequently used symbols to your presentations.

Set Color Schemes
A set of eight balanced colors you can apply to slides, notes pages, or audience handouts. A color scheme consists of a background color, a color for lines and text, and six other colors designed to make slides easy to read.
PowerPoint 2002 or higher: use Format/Slide Design and then select the Color Scheme menu item.

How do you customize your workspace in PowerPoint? Leave a comment and share your favorite suggestions and tips.