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Download free PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and videos. You'll also find great links to online reference and research tools. There are special resources just for teachers, traveling presenters, ministers and business people.

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Is PowerPoint Really the Problem?

If you visit forums for presenters or google ” how to make a powerpoint presentation “, it won’t be long before you see something about the evils of PowerPoint. In fact one company – SlideRocket – currently has a new promotion based on the very fact that we tend to blame PowerPoint when we [...]

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Teachers Using Technology

I really admire people who think outside of the box and come up with innovative tools for presenting information. That’s just what a pair of history teachers in Hawaii have done. You can listen to an interview with them on NPR and take a look at their videos for inspiration. This video [...]

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Presenting with Google Docs

Take a look at Google Docs. Here’s proof that creativity can trump tools. Since it was made with software that does not support animations, this little demo is like making a stunning photograph with a pinhole camera instead of the latest mega pixel DSLR. Although this presentation is clearly a promotion for Google Docs, [...]

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Preparing for a Great Presentation

No doubt we would all love to present like Steve Jobs. A lot of people think that truly great presenters are just “naturals”. But. according to Carmine Gallo, author of How to be Insanely Great in Front of any Audience – The Presentation Skills of Steve Jobs: Truly great presenters like Steve Jobs visualize, [...]

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Presenting Data – Charts or Infographics?

Since I just posted a resource for statistics, I thought you might need some inspiration for using statistics in an engaging way.  We aren’t all designers or illustrators, but looking at good infographics may just give you a different perspective about how to present data. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, [...]

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What does that number in your presentation really mean?

A lot of our presentations include statistics.  We use charts, graphs and numbers to tell our stories. Statistics get thrown about for shock value sometimes, so understanding the data source, the sample size and the measurement referenced can help you decide if that headline is really meaningful. In case you have a few questions about exactly what [...]

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What is the Future of Presentation Software?

We communicate with texts and tweets. We update our friends with our current status on facebook, control video games with our body movement and watch movies on our telephones. When I can do a quick interview, put a video on YouTube, upload it for the local/national news, and embed it on any blog [...]

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Top 20 resources for traveling presenters

If you spend enough time on the road making presentations, there are a few resources you’re bound to need at one time or another. Following is my top 20 list of links for the road: Where’s my stuff? Track that important package online at: FedEx UPS Airborne/DHL I need it now! Run out of paper, ink, pens… Need stamps, copies [...]

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Free professional templates

Download free templates for your presentation. Click on any image below to download the free template. The executable file includes a .POT template and three .JPG title, text and print slides.

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Set up PowerPoint Options

settings for powerpoint save options

Customize your PowerPoint settings for easier and more efficient use. Use Tools/Options to set up your PowerPoint work environment.

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