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Make better presentations

Download free PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and videos. You'll also find great links to online reference and research tools. There are special resources just for teachers, traveling presenters, ministers and business people.

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Set up PowerPoint Options

Customize your PowerPoint settings for easier and more efficient use.

settings for powerpoint save options
Use Tools/Options to set up your PowerPoint work environment.
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Add Symbols to Your Presentation…¢®Ω

You can easily add non-keyboard symbols to your presentation without the Windows Character Map. See our tip below on quickly adding symbols like, ©, ™, ¢ and graphical symbols from Wingdings and Webdings.

You can insert symbols not on the keyboard by placing your cursor in a placeholder and choosing Insert/Symbols or by clicking on the Symbols button.
insert symbols into powerpointchoose the symbol
Select the symbol you want and click Insert.
choose a symbol to insert

Your selected symbol will appear at the point where your cursor was placed.
click insert

If you frequently use Symbols, add the Symbols button to your toolbar for easy access to symbols like ©, ™, ¢. You can also access alternate bullets, wingdings, webdings, etc.

Quickly Now! PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Speed

Take note of these time saving keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint. Find the right keystrokes for building presentations and for making them.
Helpful shortcuts while preparing a presentation

  • CTRL+N: Create a new presentation
  • CTRL+K: Insert a hyperlink
  • F7: Check spelling
  • CTRL+Z: Undo an action
  • CTRL+Y: Redo or repeat an action
  • ALT+F4: Quit PowerPoint
  • CTRL+M: Insert a new slide
  • CTRL+D: Copy selected slide
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Customize PowerPoint settings for the way you work

Options for More Efficient Work
Using the Tools/Options menu, you can customize settings to create a more efficient work environment. Often people just leave the default settings, but there are a few changes you may want to modify if you intend to use PowerPoint on a regular basis.
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Powerful PowerPoint and Microsoft Resources for Teachers

Free 8 unit tutorial for K-12 teachers using PowerPoint.

Links to other free presentation software and tutorials.
Microsoft offers specific resources for educators. Find a range of free educational resources, grant and scholarship information, lesson plans and more.